…at least four of them.

So I’ve been obsessively reading the ruling (you can find it everywhere, but Good As You has it niftily embedded; for a .doc version that can be cut and pasted hit the gov website).  As it’s 172 pages long it might take me awhile, but when I’m not squinting through tears I’m planning a series of cross-stitch samplers with excerpts from the opinion.

Really.  It’s incredible.  Who knew that reading about my validity as a human, the validity of my potential family, would be so moving?  Does this mean I’ve been running at a deficit all these years, to be so blown away by a document that states I have an equal right, like any “normal” straight person, to enter into what is ultimately a disgusting history-laden tool of the patriarchy?

And yet…I find that I’m grateful, in a twisted sort of way, to have the opportunity.

More about the conflicts – internal and otherwise – that go into any conversation about marriage.  For now: yea!!!