This has been bumming me out, and finally Pam’s House Blend has the ultimate post about it. The entire thing makes me sick. The Day of Silence is an incredibly – I am loathe to use the mundane “beautiful”, but I find it’s the one that keeps occurring to me – it’s this beautiful, powerful action. Perhaps beautiful is the perfect word, because it’s so basic, so simple. The Day of Silence is a movement of solidarity, infused with irony. The form the activism takes is the opposite of its goal. That’s part of its intensity. The message is that no one should have to be silent. Which is why this bizarre sudden fixation on opposing it is so goddamn depressing. (I’d link to all that, but others have done so and they annoy me, so not today, crazy ex-gay folks.)

Even our silence is offensive to these frigging people. Some days – why do I even get out of bed?