It takes something like this to remind me that close-mindedness is the norm, not the, ahem, aberration.

Pam’s House Blend takes on the Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby with far more articulate grace than I can possibly muster. But it’s striking to me that regardless of the world available here on the computer, regardless of the often-appalling attitudes I witness in the little town to which I’ve just moved, regardless of common sense, I can still be shocked down to my toes at tiny incoherencies stated as fact. I’m a Bay Area kid. You’ll have to forgive my naivete. It’s just that it hasn’t occurred to me in years that people still believe gender is a binary state. It’s incredible. It’s like Jeff goddamn Jacoby just wrote in the Globe that the world is flat, and sailors are in grave danger of sailing right off the edge. I can’t begin to comprehend it.

Seriously, do you mean to tell me that you’ve never once felt just a tad out of your gender role? I mean, I was never all that interested in nature vs. nurture – I just don’t care, because I have to deal with you either way, and you’re my problem, genes and culture be dammed – but how can one person state so confidently that his perspective is law? Good lord, I mean, this may be my gender role talking, but I feel passionately about a million things I’d never come right out and say were the only truth, applicable equally to all beings. My stomach seizes at the very notion of it. In fact, I’m closing that tab because it might get some trayf crazy juice on my other tabs.